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What even is Funkhead? What do we do? How will we help you?

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The Funkhead Story

FUNKHEAD is a 8 week 1:1 transformational programme which teaches teenagers and young people to manage their anxiety, stress and low mood whilst building happiness & resilience.

Designed and Created by Vivienne Hill, pharmacist, author, clinical hypnotherapist, coach & trainer.


Life Lessons, as well as formal training over the years, have showed Vivienne that her own anxiety, depression and stress which she suffered as a 16-year-old trying to study for her O levels (and then for subsequent exams in her youth) could be managed and even removed with the processes she had created and collected in this programme called FUNKHEAD.

7 reasons why we believe we can help your young person:

  1. Designed by someone who knows what it is like
    This is where Vivienne’s personal journey has led. As a 16-year-old suffering in silence, unhelped and unheard, she had anxiety, stress and she now thinks probably depression. When finally relieved of the stress after the exams she slept almost constantly for the next two weeks. It wasn’t until many years later when one of her children was also under stress from exams at 16 yrs old that she realised she was able to help. That is where the seeds of FUNKHEAD were sown.


  2. It is the only holistic programme available
    We have looked around everywhere and can’t find another programme that brings together the powerful processes included in this programme alongside 1:1 coaching with guidance on solving problems involving the act of studying and concentration. The programme works on emotional, mental and physical levels and the work that is included comes from many areas such as brain science, NLP, hypnosis, CBT, coaching and training.


  3. Step by Step guide and common sense approach
    with the trademarked 3As Success System to encourage self-reliance and problem-solving.


  4. Support for Parents Guidebook
    Parents want to know how to support their children who are going through this programme, understand what is going on and read the research from which the programme has been built.


  5. Extraordinary customer support
    We know this is important to the smooth running of programmes and you can be assured that we care about our customers and will do all we can to support you.


  6. Coaching from the creator
    She knows what it is like! Vivienne is our lead coach on this programme and will be delivering the programme she created.


  7. Powerful Processes
    When scouring the globe for great processes for FUNKHEAD, we were adamant they must fit these criteria; fun, effective and quick.

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