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FUNKHEAD Group Programme

Building Resilence » Creating Happiness

A 5 Week programme for teenagers and young people

FUNKHEAD Live Group Programme

5 x 1 hour training sessions with LIVE coaching in a group

Workbooks for sessions 1-4

FUNKHEAD Online support group

Transformational Processes 

3 Impactful Hypnosis tracks    

2 audio tracks for deeper learning and relaxation

All of this with your child’s own 1:1 personal coach for the entire FUNKHEAD journey


Just £147


(for our payment plan of 2 payments; deposit now and then 28 days later the balance contact me)

How does it work?

  • Enrolment of participant parental consent form
  • 'BEFORE' feedback with the participant checking in with themselves – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Setting Intentions
  • Weekly Sessions – part training part coaching, part processes including time to ask Questions
  • Processes, hypnosis meditations and templates (one is for creating their own FUNKY WELLBEING PLAN)
  • Weekly assignments (that don't take too much time)
  • Unlimited email support
  • 'AFTER' feedback for us to monitor our ongoing impact on the teenagers we work with


Building Resilence » Creating Happiness

A 8 Week programme for teenagers and young people


Want to get a feel for what is on the programme?


(with Workbook)

Introduction to FUNKHEAD

Understanding Guidelines

Self Evaluations – how stressed & anxious are you? How well do you study at the moment? (if that is relevant)

BEFORE assessment

Intentions for the programme

Learn PAT Process to get high anxiety down in one minute

Week 2 - ANALYSE

(with Workbook)

Understanding where things are working
and where they are not, focusing on 8 areas

Clarifying own NEEDS

Uncover how you link together your thoughts that
lead to your mood and your behaviour

Learn the powerful process of Self Hypnosis
for relaxation or therapy


(with Workbook)

Having discovered what isn’t working in those 8 factors, start to identify some positive solutions

Failure, its importance in life and making peace with it

Breathing Techniques


(with Workbook)

Habits – how to build and break them


Building Happiness Processes

Week 5 - 8


a new empowered way of acting and being

AFTER assessment





Follow Up


Review of what works and what doesn’t

Revision of main points

Making changes stick

Transformational Hypnosis – Meditations

Self Hypnosis training

Confidence & Memory Boosting

Exam Preparation & Performance


Audio Tracks for deeper learning and relaxation

Study Focus

Relaxation & Sleep


NLP based process

 Energy Block Removal

Tools and templates to support your teenager's journey

We have scoured the world for a few of the best funky processes and they all have to meet these 3 criteria before they are accepted to be part of the FUNKHEAD programme;




We know this applies to teenagers and also to adults. You will know yourself with the busy life you lead that if you were given a process powerful enough to create the change you wanted and needed and it took only 1 minute to do, you would do it. If it was something you had to spend 30 minutes or an hour doing that you might not!


And finally, Self Hypnosis can be REALLY QUICK! I teach them the longer version, but the more this is practised, the easier it is to access this state of mind…and can result in them being able to jump into this place of deep relaxation (and access to the deeper reaches of their mind) in a few seconds.

The following transformational tools are included in the Programme:

Building Resilence » Creating Happiness

A 8 Week programme for teenagers and young people

Is FUNKHEAD right for my teenager?

FUNKHEAD is a fantastic first step towards building resilience and happiness with fun, effective and quick processes.

Is your teenager a high achiever? Or would be if they could shift their thoughts to being more positive instead of negative… Or learn how to manage and reduce their anxiety or stress so that they can enjoy life.


Does your teenager retreat into themselves when they are under pressure?


Do you worry, which is leading to a feeling of helplessness for you?


Is there disharmony in your house?


Do you feel bad that you don’t have the resources to help your teen?


Do you struggle to get your teenagers to listen to you even though you are pretty sure you could help them if they would just listen? So could the solution might be someone they don’t know?


Do you get frustrated because you can see that just a few tweaks in your teenager’s way of living could lead to big changes in their life?

We know there is such a juggle in your life and you and your teenager are so busy.


We know this is a significant investment, but ask yourself – what is it worth to your teenager and your family? What is it worth to you?


When your child has learnt to shed their anxiety and stress, adopt happiness and resilience-building habits and you are beginning to see a difference in them, how will that feel for you? When they are smiling again, asking to see their friends and basically participating more in life, how will that feel for you?


What is that worth?


Truly, think about what it is worth to you;

  • to see the problems your teenager has dissolve away,

  • to be reminded of the happy child

  • to hear laughter

  • to get a bit of lighthearted cheek from them (that is normal, right?!)

  • to be supported by a Facebook group where others have had similar experiences

  • ask questions!


When you truly feel into what it is worth to you and your teen, if you are called to help your child to make a lasting change to their life, this is the chance to make it happen.

Do you still have questions?




We want you to love FUNKHEAD and are backing ourselves with this Guarantee


We want you to see a change in your teenager, from having them show greater happiness to a different mindset, from more concentration on their school work to an excitement about life. We know this programme works, as it has been tried and tested by 100+ teenagers who report beneficial changes in their lives.


If there is some reason that you have not loved it as we hope, then we are offering this guarantee, without quibble.


Our conditions are that your teenager has participated in the programme, and tried the processes and tools at least.. We also have a cut off of 30 days from the date of purchase.

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