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Well, I joined the sessions because I was getting stressed about school work and I was finding I spent so much of my time "working" but not actually getting anything done and I needed to sort that out.


So I would say the thing I gained most from the sessions was filling in the booklets and seeing where I was going wrong and then finding ways to get a better balance between work and free time.


Also, the meditation exercises were a really great way to relax and to spend a minute being calm and still for once.


So I believe the sessions did help with my results because I changed how I used my time to revise and found that I got so much more revision done and I also got to have a social life at the same time which was great! In fact, I still use the method of breaking my day into slots and having breaks in between study periods, which meant even though I had exams this January I still had time to see family and friends most days of the Christmas holidays without sacrificing revision time or feeling guilty!


There were other little things that have stayed with me from the course, such as the thing where you swap a pen between your hands when you're feeling stressed and also when you said writing down 3 good moments from your day can make you feel less negative (I don't write them down but sometimes when I'm having a bad day I take a minute to think about the good things that have happened to me and I feel much better). 

Darcy Hooper