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Resources for Parents

Supporting your teens can be challenging, so we have links to some amazing programmes that can help you too!

7 Rituals to Calm Daily Chaos

Do You Feel Like the Demands of Each Day Pull You In Many Directions But None of Them Are Toward Something Bigger?


Time and energy secrets for busy women - designed to get you playing up your natural strengths as a woman. 

Find a way
through Fear

If you need a safe space to get grounded, get clear and find a way through, join this free training on how to cope in these uncertain times.

First Aid Kit

If you’re struggling to get even the most important things done because you’re feeling completely overwhelmed this
mini-training is for you.

Vitality Reset

Discover how to reset your motivation, restore your vitality, and replenish your energy with this 2-day online event. 

Soul Pharmacist Accelerator

Join our parent programme on Facebook, contact us for more information.

Disclaimer: Please note that the links above are all affiliate links and that I may earn a commission for recommending these programmes if you purchase through my personalised links above.


What parents say about FUNKHEAD...

My biggest fear was that this was me wanting this for (Millie) my daughter rather than her wanting it. No, it didn't come true, she has really engaged in it much more than I thought she would.

What has been the best thing? Seeing the difference in her after only 1 session and learning the PAT exercise.  What would you say is so great about FUNKHEAD? I would say that it's a very simple way to increase their confidence, self-belief and gives them the tools and techniques to help them, throughout their life, not just during exam time.

Viv, I can’t thank you enough. Millie is singing your praises to all her friends. She has gained so much from your coaching. I hoped it was going to help her but I have been astounded by the change in her and the fact that she engaged so brilliantly. Thank you so much.


As a result of attending the funkhead course, my son has turned a corner. Whereas previously he wanted to be home-schooled, he is really enjoying being at school, and misses it when he can’t go. He is much more comfortable in his own skin, having built his resilience at Viv’s capable and caring hands. Many thanks.

Rachel O

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