Resources for Parents

Supporting your teens can be challenging, so we have links to some amazing programmes that can help you too!

7 Rituals to Calm Daily Chaos

Do You Feel Like the Demands of Each Day Pull You In Many Directions But None of Them Are Toward Something Bigger?

Find a way
through Fear

If you need a safe space to get grounded, get clear and find a way through, join this free training on how to cope in these uncertain times.


Time and energy secrets for busy women - designed to get you playing up your natural strengths as a woman. 

First Aid Kit

If you’re struggling to get even the most important things done because you’re feeling completely overwhelmed this
mini-training is for you.

Vitality Reset

Discover how to reset your motivation, restore your vitality, and replenish your energy with this 2-day online event. 

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