Read testimonials from teens who have participated in our FUNKHEAD Programme to combat stress and anxiety:

One mum said; “Hi Viv I can’t thank you enough. Millie is singing your praises to all her friends. She has gained so much from your coaching. I hoped it was going to help her but I have been astounded by the change in her and the fact that she engaged so brilliantly. Thank you so much xx”

“Since using one of the relaxation techniques I have found I am sleeping better and I’m happier too. I feel better in general and I am finding study easier to focus on. I have really enjoyed this programme.”  Amy, A level student 2017

“I joined the sessions because I was getting stressed about school work and I was finding I spent so much of my time "working" but not actually getting anything done and I needed to sort that out. The thing I gained most from the sessions was seeing where I was going wrong and then finding ways to get a better balance between work and free time.” Darcy  1st year student at Southampton University

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